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Real estate representatives respect the privacy expectations of consumers and the requirements imposed by law. Your informed consent is required for the collection, use and retention of your personal information. Making you aware of how your personal information will be used, to whom it will be disclosed and how long it will be stored forms a basis of a relationship of trust between you and your real estate representative.

Real estate representatives are required by federal law to collect information that confirms the identity of buyers and sellers. In addition, to assist the marketing and sale of a property, real estate representatives must collect information including: listing price, purchase price, listing duration, interior and exterior photos and assessment information. Your real estate representative must disclose the information collected to his or her broker.

Real estate representatives will disclose the information to other brokerages, potential buyers and interested parties during the course of marketing of the property for sale, as well as through the sales process. In addition, all or some of it will be disclosed to the Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS®, government departments, appraisers, municipal organizations and others. Some of the information will be compiled in statistics for use in comparative sales analyses by appraisers and brokerages, as well as consumers. All or some of the information may be published in print and made available on the internet through websites maintained by real estate representatives and brokerages.

I understand that the brokerage/real estate licensees have an obligation to comply with the provisions of the Nova Scotia Real Estate Trading Act (the “Act”), and NSREC Bylaw, and that this may include providing my personal information to the NSREC for the purpose of audit, inspection, review and related purposes. I consent to the disclosure of my personal information as identified as above.

Retention of Information: All information is collected by each real estate representative is retained by their brokerage for at least seven (7) years. This allows the brokerages to meet its obligations to all government and regulatory authorities.

If you have concerns or questions about your real estate transaction, contact the Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission:

601-1595 Bedford Highway
Bedford, NS            B4A 3Y4

T: 902-468-3511       TF: 800-390-1015
F: 902-468-1016       TFF: 800-390-1016

Your Relationship with Exit Realty Town & Country

Commonly know throughout the Industry as your ‘Agency’ Relationship

As a licensed real estate brokerage, we are obligated to inform you regarding the types of relationships you may choose to have with a brokerage.

Access and use of the Site by you means you are a Customer of Exit Realty Town & Country. Access and use of the Site or its Content by you does not imply Exit Realty Town & Country has given you advice, created agency with you, or made you a Client. You may choose to become a Client of Exit Realty Town & Country but only through a signed representation agreement (ie. The WWREI form included above) prepared by an Associate Broker or Salesperson. Without a signed representation agreement, Exit Realty Town & Country through its licensed Realtors® cannot provide advice to you or create an agency relationship with you.

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