Commercial Investment Advantages

Here are some advantages of selling commercial real estate compared to residential property. If you want to discuss more, give us a call! 

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Income Potential: Commercial properties offer higher annual returns of 6% to 12% compared to 1% to 4% for residential properties.

Professional Relationships: Commercial tenants are often business entities, leading to more professional interactions and property upkeep.

Tenant Investment in Property: Retail tenants maintain their store and storefront, aligning their interests with the property owner's and enhancing property value.

Limited Operating Hours: Businesses typically operate during the day, reducing after-hours emergencies for property owners.

Objective Price Evaluations: Prices are based on income statements, not emotional factors, making evaluations more objective.

Triple Net Leases: Tenants handle expenses, making commercial properties low-maintenance income generators.

Lease Flexibility: Commercial leases offer more flexibility and fewer consumer protection laws than residential leases.

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